A young, energetic, and enthusiastic political leader is what every Delhiite aspires to have. And Mukesh Ahlawat fits the bill perfectly. While Mukesh is young and energetic, what sets him apart from others in the political arena is his enthusiasm to serve the people of his constituency. Mukesh has some serious and workable plans lined up for his constituency – Sultan Pur Majra that he wishes to fulfill; should he come back to power in the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections in February, 2020.

Mukesh Ahlawat is among those Delhi leaders that truly believe in serving the people of Delhi in the right earnest. According to him, the only party that can solve Delhi’s problems is AAP and the only leader that can take Delhi in the right direction is Arvind Kejriwal. For this to happen, people of Sultan Pur Majra assembly constituency need to come in large numbers and vote for a dynamic and capable leader like Mukesh.A part of North West Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency, Sultan Pur Majra holds immense potential as a region of Delhi. However, not much has been done by the politicians that represented this constituency in the past. Mukesh Ahlawat wants to change all of that and in a realistic way! For the people of Sultan Pur Majra, here’s the opportunity to choose a leader that walks the talk. If chosen, he is sure to bring back the glory of the constituency and enable it to become the model constituency for the whole of Delhi.

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